Lost Bash Prompt Setting and Colors in Directories/Files

I’ve lost the Bash customization provided in my original Openhab2 installation including the custom Bash prompt and the ls color highlighting of directories and files. I’ve attempted to repair through openhabian-config by selecting Bash&VIM Settings under Manual/Fresh Setup but no joy. Looking for suggestions to repair or link to the bashrc file. I am a Linux novice.

Further to my question: I examined the file bash.bashrc located in /etc. The bash.bashrc file appears to be complete. It states the file has to be sourced in /etc/profile. I could only find an empty profile.d in the /etc folder. I can customize the bash prompt formatting using the PS1 variable, but must reinitialize the variable manually after each restart. I am hoping to find a solution to restore the lost bash prompt and directory/file formatting. Without a solution I will have to rebuild Openhab2 but without an understanding how it was corrupted.