Lost information on installed bindings

Using openHAB 4.1.1 release on a openHABian 1.8b on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I guess since the last upgrade to 4.1.1 I lost the information on installed bindings, they appear not installed - the marketplace bindings do appear though[3]:

  1. in “Add-on Store” [1]
  2. in “Things” - “add new Thing” at “choose binding” section [2]

but: they’re working as designed :wink:
meaning I get all information on all bindings - they just don’t appear in said lists.




before I restart and/or reboot my system: Is there something I can/should do for a decent bug fixing? Logs don’t show anything - the logs from the update to 4.1.1 are already rotated.

Thanks! Didn’t find that thread, so I try removing my bindings and going from there and perhaps switching over there for further questions.