Lots of error-messages after 2.3 Update - No idea what this could be?

You need to add a space after the [ in the timer lambdas
I am not sure about the other rules

From the stack trace it seems to be an error in the rest api, I have seen these errors sometimes when i have problems in paperui. A browser refresh usually solves it then. A first thing to try could be to clear the cache in any browser you use for paperui, habpanel etc.

In the last rule there is a /* without corresponding */

That was just a mistake when copying the rules, sorry. Original rule had the missing */

Did so, but really confused how a cache problem generates errors on the server side?
Didn’t change anything though…

look also to the following LINKS:

I got the same errors, by using Alexa App to search for new devices and also if I use the local IP Adress in the IOS App.

you mean from this

createTimer(now.plusSeconds(3)) [HueColorCandle1_Dimmer.sendCommand (ON)
	HueColorCandle1_Color.sendCommand ("42,78,90")]

to this?

createTimer(now.plusSeconds(3)) [ HueColorCandle1_Dimmer.sendCommand (ON)
	HueColorCandle1_Color.sendCommand ("42,78,90") ]


ok, thanks. Did miss this change.

Hm…seems to be a quite unclear situation. I am encountering errors when using VSC as well, which point into the same direction (REST API)

Error while connecting to openHAB REST API. 

This error starts to show up after some minutes of working with VSC. Never seen this with 2.2.
This is a brand new Openhabian installation, so no old data to deal with.

It’s probably a longshot, but just to be sure it’s not some old cached version of the webpage that sends a faulty request or something like that. But I think that the problem is server-side, so not sure if you can do anything about it…

Hey Buddy,

same situation here.
Today i’ve installed 2.3 --> Since then a lot of errors in the log.

I’ve noticed that the errors occur only after opening the Paper UI / or using the mobile app!
Without any sitemaps everything works fine!
Also no idea where i should start with troubleshooting?!? :confounded:

Hardware: RPi 3b+
OS: Openhabian

Did you already try to clear the browsers cache … ?

Clearing the Browser cache had no effect on my side.
I would agree, that these messages start to pop in after using the paper ui extensively, or after working with VSC for some time (which seems to access the REST Api as well?).
I am using HTTP access to a Hue Bridge as well, to read out motion sensor data. Maybe this adds to the effect as well, as somebody mentioned possible resource constrains as a possible cause…

What I can say from testing today:

  • Browser Cache has no influence (used a totally different machine with a freshly installed chrome)
  • Using the paper UI defininitely triggers the problem (not saying it IS the problem, but it forces these log entries to start rolling in)
  • When left alone, all is fine. So the HTTP Get requests to the Hue Bridge doesn’t seem to have any influence

Hope this helps the pro’s to have a good idea where to start looking :slight_smile:

We who have used the snapshot have seen this for quite a while Snapshot: openhab.log swamped with exceptions if any browser connected to :8080

I saw this once for a 2.3 snapshot if I remember correctly, but since using the 2.4 snapshot (from the date 2.3 stable was announced, so it is basically the same build) I have no errors anymore. Actually the openhab.log is pretty clean :+1:

I updated to 2.4.0 snapshot yesterday and still have the errors. Could be something left behind from a previous version perhaps? I’ll try wiping the cache again.

That’s what I did too … did not help. Lots of errors, karaf console not working, …
I ended up with a clean install, copied my config back and voila, everything is working as expected :laughing:

My karaf works fine though. Did you clean install everything or just openHAB?
I’m on Ubuntu server with nginx and I remebmer I spent quite some time setting it up some 18 months ago.