Lots of Hue Sensor 'xx' added in log:tail

Hi Guys,

I was fiddling around with karaf console and checked the Hue binding if it was running normal (at that moment i had high cpu load, due to Visual studio core…). Now, my system runs perfect with CPU use around 20-30% and a load around 0.4 - 0.6. But i saw a lot of messages comming from the hue binding.

(i’m running Openhab 2.5 stable on a Raspberry Pi3b by the way)

I’m curious if it’s normal behaviour or if there is something wrong with openhab. These are the messages I get every 0.5 second when I change the log for the hue binding to DEBUG or TRACE:

07:40:52.960 [DEBUG] [al.discovery.HueLightDiscoveryService] - discovered unsupported sensor of type ‘Daylight’ and model ‘PHDL00’ with id 1
07:40:52.964 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘8’ added.
07:40:52.969 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘12’ added.
07:40:52.974 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘21’ added.
07:40:52.980 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘23’ added.
07:40:52.985 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘33’ added.
07:40:52.991 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘34’ added.
07:40:52.996 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘40’ added.
07:40:53.001 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘41’ added.
07:40:53.006 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘47’ added.
07:40:53.011 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘48’ added.
07:40:53.016 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘49’ added.
07:40:53.020 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘50’ added.
07:40:53.025 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘51’ added.
07:40:53.050 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘52’ added.
07:40:53.054 [DEBUG] [hue.internal.handler.HueBridgeHandler] - Hue sensor ‘69’ added.

Just curious if it’s normal behaviour :slight_smile:

With debug logging turned on, yes.

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Is this related?

This is not a bug and these logs are DEBUG logs.
But for sensors which are scanned twice per second, this was not a good idea to keep this log at this level.
In fact, I think we should replace these DEBUG logs by TRACE logs.

The only strange log is this one: “discovered unsupported sensor of type ‘Daylight’ and model ‘PHDL00’ with id 1”. It looks like your bridge is returning a device which would be not supported by the binding ! What is this PHDL00 device ?

Fix proposed:

You realize TRACE adds even more logs. Perhaps you meant WARNING.

Trace logs will be logged only if you enable them.
A normal user will never choose this level, this is more for the developer.
Trace level is very appropriate in this case.

Just to be clear, if the user enables DEBUG level for the binding, he will have less logs than before with my change.
If he enables TRACE level, he will get the same logs.

Change is now merged.

Remain to understand the case of this unsupported sensor type.

Great to hear, thnx for all the reply’s! I’m not sure what the Daylight thing is. I think it has something to do with the motion sensors able to detect day and night or something like that. Not sure, but doesn’t bother me much :slight_smile:

Just curious, how will i get the merge? Not that it’s verry important, but just curious. I’m running Raspbian, think an update via Raspi-config in the future will update the Hue binding i guess?