Low Batterie Mode Not Working

Switch MarksIPhone_LowBattery "Low Batterie" (More)


the low batterie item is not working. It is grey.
Am I wrong? Is it a general issue? I don´t see this issue in the oh community

Thanks for help.


What are you expecting to see? I guess it is not supposed to be “on” now, as battery level is 47%. It will be a read-only channel, so you wouldn’t be able to slide the knob to turn on the low battery alarm in the phone.

I expect it is working with 70% Procent or higher like the default ios energy mode on IOS…

Really? You want a low battery warning at 70% of battery charge?
Anyway, I think that is something you would need to set up in whatever device is passing this info to openHAB.

Okay, so what are you expecting to see when it is working?

No, now we’re talking at cross purposes.

Battery warning is boring. Had thought you could put the energy saving mode into it.

You’re right, I have no idea what you are trying to do. Maybe you should give more details.
You are looking at PaperUI display, yes?
There is something you don’t like about an Item with the label “Low Battery”.

This Item is not the one in the display; the label is spelled differently.
This Item does not appear to be linked to any binding, so I wouldn’t expect it to do much unless you have rules doing something to it.

From previous posts, I think this all may have something to do with iCloud. Perhaps you want that Item to be linked to an icloud binding channel?

Yes I see it in PaperUI
And yes i want to connect it with icloud. This my aim

Okay. According to binding docs

this binding does not supply a Switch type channel for a low battery warning.

It does give you a Number type channel with battery level, so you could use that with a rule to control your warning Switch type Item.

It looks like you have already created and linked an Item for that battery level, but you will need its name.

rule "set battery warning"
   Item yourBatteryLevelItem changed
   if ( yourBatteryLevelItem.state > 15 ) {
   } else {
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Ok thx .
ok pity then this is no longer so attractive…
IOS normally makes the energy mode pure already at 20%.

I think it would be cool if you sit at the computer and then I see my percentage and can act immediately and put the mode.

Still not sure what you are trying to do. You want to be able to remotely set some other device into low power mode? That would be an iCloud feature that you need to find out about. I think it does this if you make the phone “lost”, so there may be another way to do it.
Find out how, and then we can look at how to do it from openHAB.

Ok I will look at it.
Thx for your help @rossko57 :smile: