Lower the memory footprint

Controlling my epson projector through openhab (couldn’t find a better solution - OH is great in this case).

Running on top or OrangePI Zero 256Mb (i know it’s not much).
Out of all the repos managed only on armbian-jessie-next. OH2 takes almost all the memory 220-240Mb and when swapping starts - board gets out of control. I have only basic and paper UI installed. For the bindings - mqtt and epsonprojector. Was wondering if i can minimise the footprint for this. I don’t need any UI at all. The only use for OH2 is get mqtt message and turn it into epson binding command. And vice versa.

Remove everything except the two add-ons you actually use, so yes, remove PaperUI and BasicUI, all persistence addons, any transformation addons you don’t use, etc. Make sure OH is the only thing on this machine (i.e. host your MQTT broker somewhere else). Make sure to stop and disable any service you don’t actually need running to free up some more RAM.

However, I’m afraid even that will not get you down into a comfortable range. 256Mb is really too little RAM to run OH. I do know that RPI 1 is unable to properly run OH but I’m not entirely certain whether the problem is RAM (until 2016 the RPi 1 only have 256 MB ram also) or the processor (single core 700 MHz) or both. This OrangePi has a much better CPU so maybe if you can get the memory down 10-20 Mb you can get it to run reliably.

Anyway to disable the built in web server completely. Or other - more deep in the code stuff?

That built in web server is pretty vital to more than just the UIs so I doubt it can be disabled and still have a working OH.

You can look around in the userdata/etc folder and see if there is anything you can change but you will be well into uncharted territory.