Loxone and Velbus Things - Item type

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi
    • OS: Openhabian Image


Very new to openhab so please excuse me if I misuse the terminology.

I have ‘things’ set up to interface to both a velbus network and a loxone miniserver. I am trying to operate a relay on velbus with a switch in loxone and viceversa have the switch state in loxone change if the velbus relay is operated by something on the velbus network.

I have a created an item and linked it on the loxone side using the default profile and on the vebus side using the follow profile. This works using loxone to operate but the status of the relay is not fedback. Alternating the default/follow profiles allows the state of the velbus relay to influence loxone. Having them both set as default or both as follow doesn’t work.

Any suggestions for the status’s to be mirrored in both directions?

Thanks in advance


Use rules instead of profiles in this case