Loxone discovery not working

Hi all. I’m trying to connect my Loxone to openHAB system. I installed it on a WIN10 system together with zulu. after installing the Loxone binding I went to “Thing” - “Loxone binding” but it does not discover my Loxone automatically altough I’m able to ping it or go to the webUI just fine from that same machine.
When trying to add it manually I get a “Request token failed” error and it stays “Offline”.
Already tried to connect it via a loxone.thing text file too but get the same error.

Help would be very welcome.

OpenHAB 2.5.10
Zulu 15.28

Please read the prerequisits before installing openHAB.

openHAB 2.5x needs Java 8, whereas openHAB 3.0 needs Java 11. No other versions beside those two !!

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It seems to be connecting now.

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