Luftdateninfo binding - data from several stations

cool new binding - like it. OH 2.5.9 works great.
What about receiving data from several stations - how is the thing configuration in this case. Thank you for any hints or solutions.
(Is there a timestamp?)

For several stations just create several things, each with its sensorID.
IMHO the data is just the actual one, there is not timestamp ( acc the Documentation).

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Thanks opus … did so :grinning:

my updated and working things-file for other users:

Thing luftdateninfo:particulate:altdorf:pm_sensor "Luftdaten Altdorf PM Sensor" [sensorid=11139]

Thing luftdateninfo:particulate:schwarzenbruck:pm_sensor  "Luftdaten Schwarzenbruck PM Sensor" [sensorid=25011]

Thing luftdateninfo:particulate:oberferrieden:pm_sensor  "Luftdaten Oberferrieden PM Sensor" [sensorid=25011]

//LuftDatenInfo - binding

Number:Density Altdorf_Luft_PM_25 "PM 2.5 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:altdorf:pm_sensor:pm25"}

Number:Density Altdorf_Luft_PM_10 "PM 10 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulatealtdorf:pm_sensor:pm100"}

// Schwarzenbruck

Number:Density Schwarzenbruck_Luft_PM_25 "PM 2.5 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:schwarzenbruck:pm_sensor:pm25"}

Number:Density Schwazenbruck_Luft_PM_10 "PM 10 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:schwarzenbruck:pm_sensor:pm100"}

// Oberferrieden

Number:Density Oberferrieden_Luft_PM_25 "PM 2.5 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:oberferrieden:pm_sensor:pm25"}

Number:Density Oberferrieden_Luft_PM_10 "PM 10 [%.1f %unit%]" {channel="luftdateninfo:particulate:oberferrieden:pm_sensor:pm100"}