Lutron HomeWorks QS Support

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I am a Lutron Dealer/Installer/Programmer and I can provide you with more xml files than I can count if you are interested?

Let me know.


Hi Tom. Yes, I would be very interested in getting more examples of XML config files from HWQS systems! Right now I’m especially interested in seeing examples from systems with:

  • System state variables
  • Shade groups
  • Palladiom, Architrave, Signature, or Dynamic keypads
  • DMX interfaces
  • Any unusual output device types

But XML files from any large/complex systems would be useful for testing.

I’m also interested in learning exactly which versions of HomeWorks QS cause problems for discovery via HTTP as described in Issue 5841. I know that 3.1 and 5.0 seem to have the problem. I’m guessing that recent versions do not, since I know that newer versions of Radio RA2 do not, and they seem to use a common code base.

You can contact me directly via the private message feature.

I can make a custom “phantom” project file with all of those items you require.

I haven’t been in the habit of extracting the xml files from all projects, but now that I know they can be put to good use I will be doing so when I re-visit them.

Hold tight for an example system with the features you are looking for.

I’m discovering OpenHab through a Lutron System.
I had no problem to have the Light Switch discovered by the binding.


  • Motors of rollershutter wer not discovered
  • touchpad panel not discovered also

I have DbXmlInfo if it can help
I can do some basics tests for a version that detect shades

Thanks for the job done on this binding

Hi hal01! If you could send me your DbXmlInfo file, I will take a look at it, see why your devices aren’t being discovered, and try to fix/add support for them. The roller shades should work already, so I’ll have to see what is wrong with that. What version of openHAB are you running?

If by the touchpad panel you mean this Dynamic Keypad, that isn’t supported yet, but I can probably add support for it pretty quickly if you are willing to test it.

Hi all,

I discovered openHAB recently, as I just purchased a condo with a HomeworksQS system and I’m looking to integrate it with the rest of the smart home gadgets I’ve been collecting or making during the last couple of years…

I am really impressed about openHAB’s potential… I installed it on a raspberry pi, installed the Lutron binding… and voila! discovery worked and I could see lots of elements… but… it looks like my Homeworks QS processor’s default username/password has been changed… :frowning:

I’ve contacted the company that installed it and they are trying to find the credentials, since the person who configured it has left the company… In the mean time…

I guess that my questions are:

  1. Is there any way I can reset the password for the Homeworks QS processor?
  2. Is there any workaround in openHAB to be able to control the system without the homeworks credentials?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Roberto. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way that you can reset the integration password on the HomeWorks processor without the programming software. If you are using the Lutron Home Control+ app on a phone or tablet, you should be able to use the same user/password that you use for that. I don’t think this is true if you are using their newer app that accesses the system through the cloud service, though.

It’s actually a bit unusual for the default integration password to be changed, although I’ve heard that the newer software allows it. Did you try to telnet to the processor and enter the user/password manually to make sure that there isn’t some other problem?

Also, what version of openHAB are you running? I have added support for a lot of HomeWorks devices in the 2.5 development cycle, so I would recommend running at least the 2.5.0.M4 version of the Lutron binding if not a more recent snapshot version.

With the help of hal01 (in the thread above) I’ve recently added support for Palladiom keypads, the QS Wallbox Closure Interface (WCI), and the LQSE-4M-D motor controller in to a development version of the binding that is available here. If you have any of those devices in your system, I would recommend using that version for now, since those updates have not yet been merged in to 2.5.

If you find any devices in your system that aren’t supported by the binding, bring it up here and I will try to get them added. One quick way to check is to grep your log file for the message “Unrecognized device type” from the discovery service.

You might want to try something like this:

That’s a great idea! I would try a dictionary attack against user names “lutron” first and “integration” second. It might save you from having to have the installer come out to reconfigure it.

Thanks for the responses…

Yes, I’m trying to telnet the processor directly from my openhab, no luck with user/pass.

I’ve created a VPN so the engineer can connect remotely with their programmer software and reset the password for me… Waiting for him to do it… hopefully soon… (if he doesn’t come back to me, I’ll try the ncrack… the issue, I think, is that the processor locks itself down for 15 minutes after 10 unsuccessful login attempts…)

Bob, I’ll definitely try the new version as soon as I have access to my system :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted

Wow. I didn’t expect that a processor that (almost) always uses the same password would have any security measures!

So… Lutron engineer used my VPN to connect and reset the password for me…

From there, it’s been great… Auto Discovery worked to perfection! (I even discovered a couple of plugs controlled by the system that had no idea of)… All configured and running on openHAB now…

Next step… Integration with Google Assistant :slight_smile:
Thanks once again for your answers!

That’s great! Let us know how it goes!

Good news! Support for Palladiom keypads, the QS Wallbox Closure Interface (WCI), and the LQSE-4M-D motor controller has been merger in to 2.5.0. Thanks for your help in testing it, @hal01!

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With the openHAB 2.5.0 release, quite a few new features have been added to the Lutron binding that improve HomeWorks QS support.

A summary of changes can be found here:

In the 3.0 development cycle, I would like to try to get as many as possible of the following HomeWorks-specific features added to the binding:

  • Support for getting/setting system state variables
  • Support for shade groups
  • Support for dimmer settings of < 1% (i.e. for 0.1% LED drivers)
  • Support for Architrave and Signature keypads
  • Support for Dynamic keypads (model HQ-J-DK420)
  • Support for DMX devices

I already have some code written for the first three. As usual, the limiting factor will probably be the availability of volunteers to test out these new features. If you have a HomeWorks system and are willing to test out any of the above features, please let me know and I will prioritize adding support for that device/feature. The same is really true for any other currently unsupported HomeWorks features.

I’m interested but I’m a Casita user, not Homeworks. Is anything of interest to a Casita user planned?

Sure! I just mentioned the HomeWorks-specific stuff here because that is the topic of the thread.

Unlike with HomeWorks QS, I believe the Luton binding already covers all of the devices supported by Caseta. What is missing for Caseta is discovery of the bridge, and discovery of attached devices. I have an update that will add Caseta and RA2 Select bridge discovery via mDNS, so I’ll be looking for volunteers to test that soon. Unfortunately Lutron made it impossible to fully discover attached devices for Caseta using its public integration protocol or its exported JSON config file, but maybe some way can be found around that in the future.

I’m also hoping to make some general improvements to the binding that should benefit users of all Lutron systems. I’ll probably start creating some new PRs soon after the holidays.

Your work on this is hugely appreciated. That said, I don’t think I have any of these features - but v happy to test anything I do have.


Thanks Dan! Hopefully I’ll have some new code for you to test early in the new year.