Lutron light dimmers

Good day,
Im new to openhab. Just order a rasberry Pi with a RaZberry to run openhab on.
Currently I’m using a Wink hub to control all my devices. i hope to replace it with openhab.
Most of the devices I have are the Lutron light dimmers. Does anyone know if they will be able to be controlled by openhab? The other devices are Kwikset (Z-Wave deadbolt), DSC Alarm with EnvisaLink, MyQ Garage Door opener and a couple Foscam Cameras.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get started?

If you have a rooted Wink hub, this wiki page has information that will help you communicate with it from OH. This project can help with the integration.

If you want to migrate off of the Wink Hub you will need to use the Zwave binding. See this posting for chris’s newly created zwave database maintenance service which you should be able to view and/or browse to find whether your Lutron devices are supported. If they are not you should be able to add them, or create an issue and someone will add it.

The deadbolt is not yet supported and I would not hold my breath. Zwave is a proprietary protocol and door locks use the Security Command which is encrypted which makes it very difficult to reverse engineer.

There is a MyQ binding.

To get started I recommend downloading and installing OH. Download the demo and learn how it works. Then start small and gradually build up your system. OH is very powerful but that power comes with complexity and a whole lot you need to learn before you will become productive.

Thanks Rich,
My Wink hub is not rooted yet. I’m not sure I want to mess with it and have a chance of taking it out of service. I would like to keep all communication internal and not rely on wink.

I have been playing around with the openhab demo for about a week now. Yes it is very powerful :smile:

I know I will have more questions when my Rasberry Pi comes in. lol

Thanks again.