Lutron QS binding- contact closure output (cco) not working properly

Hi all,
I am very new to openHAB, so apologies in advance for any obvious silly thing.
Some background: my home has a ~10 year old smart home system, based on Lutron controllers (lights, blinds, curtains and solenoid window locks) and a Crestron controller on top (mostly for the GUI, also for TV and music). I have grown tired of the Crestron closed system and decided to go open source and add an openHAB system to control newer media devices and of course, the basic smart home Lutron layer.
The Lutron binding works great in general- everything is discovered, the wall panels, the lights, blinds, etc- Except for the window locks.
The window locks a operated via a relay, which is controlled by Lutron QS IO Interface, and the contact closure output (CCO) it has. The CCO appears in openHAB like a toggle button. However, when operating the toggle, it reacts momentarily (I can hear the lock clocking), and immediately returns to the former position. I tried both pulsed and maintained configurations, e.g.:

Thing cco garage [ integrationId=5, outputType="Pulsed", pulseLength=0.5 ]
Thing cco relay1 [ integrationId=7, outputType="Maintained"]

but that doesn’t seem to make any difference in the behavior.
Am I missing anything? Or perhaps there is a bug in the system?
(BTW, in Home Assistant this feature works properly, perhaps it can help debug the issue. However, there are more severe issues for Lutron QS in HA, so i’d rather use openHAB).

Thanks a lot!!

a clarification about the behavior: when the window locks are in open position, pressing the toggle button will move them to lock position. When they are locked, pressing the toggle will cause it to click open and almost immediately lock again.