Magic Zigbee sensor

No electronics inside - definitely RoHS compliant - unfortunately I can’t get it to work … :thinking:

Source: Aubess zigbee temperatur sensor tuya smart life app home verbunden thermometer über alexa google home assistant sprach steuerung| | - AliExpress

Battery life should be good :slight_smile:


I gotta ask: when you pulled it out of the box, what was your first thought?

I’m guessing it was somewhere on a spectrum from “that’s impressively lightweight” to “that’s disturbingly lightweight”.

The device came with a SIM card eject pin for the reset button. An initial suspicion arose when I couldn’t find a reset button when plugging the eject pin into the reset hole.

First thought: eject pin is too short - but a paper clip didn’t help either.
Second thought: it’s a magic device - but I couldn’t find a magic spell in the manual to put it into joining mode, so I decided to disassemble it.

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