MagicHome with Tasmota and OpenHab2

Is there another way to send HSB Values to the Arilux (AL-C01) Controller without reflashing them?

Hello Nico111,
I guess that you are talking about AL-SL 01. If so, I’m using it with WIFI Led bind and original firmware and works perfectly. As I know, you can send HSB values. I have configured " LD382A" as protocol.

Nope I’m talking about this one.

Seams to be the same that I’m using. I have found several model name for the same device.

Yeah it’s the same, They produce them and label different names on it.
Basically just a ESP8266

Follows this you can do it with magichome without Tasmota.

Hi Andreas,

thanks for sharing. Could you also add your sitemap configuration so I can get it to work?