Mail binding error after upgrade to 2.5.4. - how to fix it?

Hi there,

after upgrading to 2.5.4, I receive errors for the mail binding.
This is somehow expected due to teh cnages made for the mail binding, but I don’t have any idea how to fix this.
During execution of the binding I see the following in the log file,

 [me.config.core.internal.ConfigMapper] - Could not set field value for field 'security':

And during startup,

 [me.config.core.internal.ConfigMapper] - Could not set field value for field 'security':

I’m aware that this is related to the securtiy setting for TLS, which has been changed to ‘STARTTLS’.
The mail binding is at 2.5.4 also.

Any suggestions?

Did you try updating the SMTP Server Protocol in the SMTP thing configuration? Mine was empty and needed to be reset.

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Ok, posted this one too quick.

Go to the things section in the PaperUI and have a look for the SMTP Server thing, e.g.
Edit the thing and set the SMTP Security Protocol to ‘STARTTLS’.


Jepp, exactly that was missing… See my post for the solution.
Thanks for for hint!

That was mentioned in the displayed Warnings when you upgraded.

Correct, I just did not find the way how to change it. Anyhow, done and working, and may this helps others.

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