Mail binding: let messages "group by thread" in mail client

I would like to have messages sent by the Mail binding show up in my mail client inbox in a “group by thread” view. In order to do that, I think the mail must have an ‘In-Reply-To’ header. => Is there a way to apply specific message headers on mails sent by the Mail binding ?

That feature is not listed in the mail binding’s documentation - thus not supported.

@Wolfgang_S admiration for your optimism … but … from my own experience, the absence of something in the documentation is not a proof that a function does not exist; (no more than its presence in the documentation proving that it does exist…) :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have just modified the binding code to add this feature, (and to prove my above point, I have not added it to any documentation)…

I will test this it over a couple of days and publish a PR for it shortly