[Main UI] commandIntervall for oh-stepper component


I am looking for something like the commandInterval option from oh-slider, but on oh-stepper.

I have a number item, where I want to use oh-stepper to control it.
If I change the value e.g. from 10 to 15 (step size = 1), then the stepper will create 5 commands (from 10 to 11, 11 to 12 …).
When using a slider you have the releaseOnly & commandIntervall option so that the slider would only create one command (change from 10 to 15).

Is there any way to configure the oh-stepper in a similar way than the oh-slider, that the stepper will only generate one command (even the -/+ button was pressed multiple times)?

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately, there is no such setting for the stepper. You’d have to create something yourself with a proxy item and a rule that does the interval or the debounce for you.

Thanks for confirming, I have already expected such an answer :confused: