Main UI OH3- Color picker

Hello all,
I have been using Openhab for a few years now and switched from OH2.5 to OH3 a few months ago. In OH I only use the visualisation, as I create all functions with Nodered.

In OH3 I use the Basic UI as visualisation, which works perfectly. Since I now want to use the advantages of the MainUI, I am working my way in there. However, there are two points where I am stuck:

  1. When I create an “Edit Color Picker List Item”, a switch is always displayed next to the colour selection (see screenshot). Can I change this somehow?

  2. There don’t seem to be any drop-down fields. Is there perhaps a work around for this?

Thanks for your help!!

2021-09-02 17_22_30-openHAB|690x22

Try this:

Thank you for the quick and good answer.
Do you know if the output of the colour space (HSV or RGB) is always the same or if it depends on the options? Link to OH documentation

There already seems to be a post about the dropdown menu. I assume that this is the current status. community dropdown

OH color widgets are always HSB so I believe that the widget always properly converts output to HSB regardless of the module option selected.