Main UI Overview page title

My main UI keeps showing its overview page with a title called “Übersicht”.
I try but just don’t manage to change this title.
(“Übersicht” is German for “overview” which as said is the id of the page (cannot be changed AFAIK), but I’ve not seen where that string is configured.
It’s probably the default title since I’ve changed the language to German long ago).
I’ve tried adding a label and also added “title: xxx” property, both to no avail.
Running 3.3 but it’s been like this for a long time across versions.
Any hint ?

Yep. It’s also hard-coded to the language-appropriate value, so I don’t think you’ll find a way to change it without some elaborate css or js hack:

Thanks for looking it up. But that code sniplet looks like setting title: xxx should change it ?
So is it a bug then or do I misunderstand the code sniplet? @ysc Yannick could you clarify ?

Values set in the page yaml config are in the this.homePageComponent.config object. The user has no access to set the values in the home.overview.title object.

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