Main UI regularly crashes after a couple of days, browser stays blank

Hi Andrew,
here it is

The behaviour is reproducable. I had openhab running for approx 4 days only using https. Today I tried to access via http and MainUI was immediatelly NOT loading anymore. Neither via http nor https. The only way is to restart the service.

On my side I just need to restart the browser.
However, I have to provide a specific page (https://openHAB:8443/page/whateverpage). Otherwise I get a blank screen, too

that does not work for me. @Oliver2 Today after longer time the error appear again, even though I purely used https.

What I realized though is some interdependencies to REST interface. Shortly before MainUI is not accessible anmore two sensors which update items via REST http put request only update with less frequency. Then they are not updated at all and MainUI freezes (see picutree below, there you yee teh line become flat towards the right)

ok. not good. https working stable for me.

this bug has been confirmed by quite a few users now. unfortunately, and as said, it will probably not fixed. no reaction on github the last 4 weeks.
so you need to find a workaround outside openhab

is there any procedure/approach how the community can “motivate” or raise awareness so that this will be picked up?

No, there isn‘t. If no developer steps up and fixes this issue, you will have to be patient.
Development is done by volunteers and there is no way to push them to do something.
That‘s how this project works.

Only motivation you can give is putting a bounty on that issue….

Just read about this fix in 3.4.0.

Sounds like this could be the solution this long exisiting problem. I updated to 3.4.0 yesterday and will report my obeservations.

Would be interested to know if that solved the problem.
However, the browser freeze was due to the fact that the SSE connection between browser and OH was disconnted.
The fix you are referring to fixes a memory leak, which lots of users had when e.g. they loaded a js script a couple of times in a row.

But who knows, maybe these problems are somehow related.

After now one week I would like to share the status. On Monday 16th of Jan I updated to 3.4.1 and since then I did not experience a freeze anymore. However, the heap memory shows a different behaviour to previous versions. Before 3.4.1 when heap reached ~ 30% openhab showed the explained freeze behaviour. Log showed “normal” activity, only item status changes via REST interface and the MainUI did not work.
With 3.4.1 the heap memory climbs above 30% and system is still stable. I add the diagram:

@Oliver2 I will observe more and post another update in a week or if openhab freezes again.

@florian-h05: Dont want to be too enthusiastic but if that is really solved, you would my hero of the year :wink:

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