Main UI Toggle Card not working with Groupitems

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB)
  • OS: OpenHABian 64bit v1.6.2
  • Java Runtime Environment: Default
  • openHAB version:Default

I Tried to add Elements controlling Group Items to my overview Page, but they didn’t work properly. I tried to add a Switch controlling a Color-Group Item, an I could only turn on my Lights, but not of. I also tried to add a Colorpicker, but non of the Control-Elements were showing up for that. In contrast, a slider I made for the light temperature of my lights works without problems.


Group:Color IsaaksZimmerColor “Isaaks Zimmer Color” (IsaaksZimmer, IsaaksZimmerLights) [“Control”,“Light”]

            Group:Dimmer    IsaaksZimmerColorTemperature    "Isaaks Zimmer Color temperature"           (IsaaksZimmer, IsaaksZimmerLights)  ["Control","ColorTemperature"]

            Group           IsaaksZimmerLights              "Isaaks Zimmer Lichter Gruppe"              (IsaaksZimmer)                      

            //Scheinwerfer Rechts

                Group       IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferR                 "Scheinwerfer Rechts"                                                         (IsaaksZimmer)                                                                      ["Lightbulb"]

                Color       IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferRColor            "Scheinwerfer Rechts Color"                                                   (IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferR, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColor)                  ["Control","Light"]             {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:1:color"}              

                Dimmer      IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferRColorTemperature "Scheinwerfer Rechts Color temperature"     <temperature>                     (IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferR, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColorTemperature)       ["Control","ColorTemperature"]  {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:1:color_temperature"}  


            //Scheinwerfer Links

                Group       IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferL                 "Scheinwerfer Links"                                       (IsaaksZimmer)                                                                 ["Lightbulb"]

                Color       IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferLColor            "Color"                                                    (IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferL, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColor)             ["Control","Light"]             {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:3:color"}              

                Dimmer      IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferLColorTemperature "Color temperature"     <temperature>                      (IsaaksZimmerScheinwerferL, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColorTemperature)  ["Control","ColorTemperature"]  {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:3:color_temperature"}  

            //LED Strip

                Group       IsaaksZimmerLedstripe                     "Ledstripe"                                                (IsaaksZimmer)                                                                 ["Lightbulb"]

                Color       IsaaksZimmerLedstripeColor                "Color"                                                    (IsaaksZimmerLedstripe, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColor)                 ["Control","Light"]             {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:7:color"}

                Dimmer      IsaaksZimmerLedstripeColorTemperature     "Color temperature"     <temperature>                      (IsaaksZimmerLedstripe, IsaaksZimmerLights, IsaaksZimmerColorTemperature)      ["Control","ColorTemperature"]  {channel="hue:0210:ecb5fa03a0ce:7:color_temperature"}


 - component: oh-toggle-card
                         item: IsaaksZimmerColor
                         title: Farbliche Beleuchtung
                         footer: Isaaks Zimmer

Also, when I checked the JavaScript Console, there was a Message that said that a Message was send to the Color-Group Item only when it was turned on, while a switch I mapped to a normal Switch Item controlling a other Lamp was sending Messages also when it was turned on