Mainui Code Auto complete on Mac

On OH3 MainUI Code editor, there is this auto complete feature that gives suggestions and details as you write code. How do we activate this on Mac / OSX? I tried Ctrl+Space and Cmd+Space, neither worked.

Hey @JimT

it’s more auto-suggest then auto-complete. I can’t give you any infos regarding problems that might occur on OSX (normaly it should work on OSX) but be aware that you have to be in the correct position to make it show up.

But it seems that something is broken in the version I use (updated to build #2267 yesterday) as I get weird responses in my selection.

I opened an issue for this here.

Problem is already fixed with build #2269 and everything works as expected again.


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Thanks for posting that very useful animated gif. I don’t know if it worked before (Milestone 2), but I updated mine to #2270 and it is showing the tips now without having to press any special keys.