MainUI different Switch appearance (Motion detector)

I am using openhabian 1.6 with 3.0.1 stable on a RPi4 8GB

For Semantic modelling I use my item files and tag them accordingly.
I just recognized that two Motion Detector Switches look differently in the Locations view: One is displayed as a Switch, the other one as a String alternating between OK and Alarm.

The configurations are the same though:

 // Z_Wave Motion Detector (Echo Flex)
Group                      gCorridorMotion      "Motion Sensor"                                                   (gCorridor)                                      ["MotionDetector"]
Switch                     Z_Motion_Alarm       "Bewegung"                                                        (G_jdbc,gCorridorMotion)                         ["Status"]                        {channel="zwave:device:zwaveUSBCtrl:node13:alarm_motion", widgetOrder="1"}
// Alexa Motion Detector (Echo Flex)
Group                      gLivingMotion        "Motion Sensor"                                                   (gLiving)                                        ["MotionDetector"]                {widgetOrder="1"}
Switch                     Alx2_Mot_Alarm       "Alexa Bew."                                                      (G_jdbc,gLivingMotion)                           ["Status"]                        {alexa="Switchable"}   // command ON send by Routine from Alexa (Flex 1)

The Z_Motion_Alarm receives an ON on Motion and changes back to OFF after 30 seconds.
What could be the reason and why isn’t ON / OFF in the mainUI (no transform used)

I guess I found it:

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Thank you - I just found your other post :wink: