[MainUI] Display concatenated states in widget

I started just learing to assemble my own widget.

At the moment i am struggeling in concatenating different states. A simple + between states does not work.

- component: oh-list-item
                          title: Düngung
                          after: =items[loop.plant_prefix+"_Conductivity"].displayState || items[loop.plant_prefix+"_Conductivity"].state + "Some String" + iems[loop.plant_prefix+"_MinConductivity"].displayState || items[loop.plant_prefix+"_MinConductivity"].state
                          icon: oh:weather_pollen
                      - component: oh-list-item

Does not work. Any hints?


after: =(items[loop.plant_prefix+"_Conductivity"].displayState || items[loop.plant_prefix+"_Conductivity"].state) + "Some String" + (items[loop.plant_prefix+"_MinConductivity"].displayState || items[loop.plant_prefix+"_MinConductivity"].state)

You need to enclose the different OR expressions in brackets and there was a small typo in your 2nd expression (missing e in items)

Thanks, the brackets are the trick.