MainUi slow and choppie on Chrome fast on Firefox

Using my main pc to control openhab from Chrome browser.MainUi run very smooth and fast for some time but then it became slow and choppie for some reason.I install Firefox browser and realise that MainUi runs very fast and ultra smooth animations.All that at the same pc…What is the deal here?

Chrome works fine for me. Whenever I have issues with a website, I open an incognito browser tab to see if that makes a difference. Incognito doesn’t use the browser cache, so if performance is better then the cache is likely the problem.

You can also just delete the cache immediately, but I find it faster to test with incognito first.

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I have the same issue, I first noticed the problem because on my iPhone it runs fine but on windows/chrome browser it’s choppy. Cleaning cache did not fix it, but using Firefox did. Kind of weird.

i did clear cache ,even reinstall chrome but no change.Using firefox…omg its damn fast and all animations r so smooth.It is really weird!

so i have found the solution and i share :slight_smile:

  1. Open chrome://flags from the address bar.
  2. Write “override” on search flags and enable "Override software rendering list"
  3. Relaunch

now MainUi is smooth and fast at Chrome !