MainUI - Surfacing Certain Sonos Controls to Rooms

Ok, I simultaneously love and find OH3 frustrating…

I am trying to migrate my Sonos devices into the new equipment model but not show all 20+ items in the dynamically created badges.

I create a main ‘Equipment’ item and then associate all the items to that equipment which is part of a location. I can then see all 20+ items in that location, which is too much. Most of the items are only manipulated by rules.

If I just associate the handful of items with the location, in addition to the parent equipment, they do not appear.

If I move the 20+ item Sonos Equipment to a ‘closet’ room, and then create a second ‘subset’ equipment group/item, associated with the location, and associate through the parent item function, the control and volume items, they show up as a hierarchy item on the badge that is created.

Not sure if I explained that right… but I did my best.

Also what is HasPoint? I only find three references to it within the forum.

You can go to the Item and modify the “default list widget” and set the visibility to false. Then it will not show up in the automatically generated cards in the overview page. See OH 3 Tips and Tricks for a way to rapidly do this through the REST API for a lot of similar Items.

Alternatively, if it’s not something that needs to be surfaced, you can exclude if from the model entirely. Nothing says you have to include everything in the model.

What cannot be done is to have one Item be a member of more than one semantically tagged Group. So you can’t put them all in the closet and then also put a few in another room.

I think we’ll need more context. I’ve not encountered that before but with more context I might be able to hazard a guess.

Thanks Rick… I’ll have to tinker around again. I tried a few different ways but couldn’t get the items to appear the way I want them to, understanding that I could build my layouts manually.

Here is a photo of some Sonos Equipment I was modeling, showing a HasPoint property. It has multiple points underneath it. I assume it is trying to indicate that the point is some type of control, but I couldn’t figure out how to change it and there were few references in the forums.

Ah, that’s an Equipment Group. It looks like class is the Equipment tag, hasPoint shows one (which one?) of the Point Items that are members of that equipment. And hasLocation is the Location Item it’s a member of.

You can’t click on it or do anything with it so I’m not sure what it’s there for.