Make classic door bell smart?


I built my doorbells from scratch using gibato universalsensor z wave, I prefer keeping my lan and wifi as decluttered as possible.

I used a nice button free choice and a powersupply, I also spiced it upp with a 12 volt car relay so my lkght in the button is on until yoi push it. Thanks to the relay solution I’m able to have a 12 volt buzzer connected as failover.

Audioplayback is done in two ways speakers connected to rpi running oh 3 and a speakergroup of google nest minis, the respond quite slow so som visitors think we wouldn’t be home but local connected speakers reacts fast. 2 doors and differnet audio on each of them.

I send notification to smartphones and tv set top box. I guess sky is the limit.

For not having door sound pmaying along time if someone rapidly pushes button several times I use a timestamp that needs to bee 30seconds old for audio to start playing.

I have one dnd switch that just send notifications usefull for late moornings.

Her is my take: Interfacing Front-door chime using Fibaro The Button
The relay didn’t last long though with the 8VAC input. This one does the trick:

You can use a Shelly relay to register when the doorbell is pressed.

Well thanks again for the ESPNow hint. I just created a small ESPNow to MQTT gateway from an esp32 for my doorbell and made my esp8266 doorbell speak ESPNow. I know that there are projects out there that did pretty much the same but it was a lot more rewarding to do the coding by myself. Since I’m using an Ethernet shield for my gateway it’s not 100% standard anyway :wink:

The results are excellent, I’m receiving the MQTT messages now without noticeable delay and moreover my doorbell will be working when wifi is down as well.

Anyway the hardest part as usual will be to find a proper case for the gateway…

I like this. I might check this out and do something similar :+1: