Make Items play with Things in sitemap

Please help a noob! I am on a raspberry pi running openHABian. I installed and after a bit of work, got my Insteon PLM working with my light switch in the dining room, no prob.

So I thought I would try something a little “easier”… I added Network Bindings under the PaperUI add-ons section, following the tutorial on the main openHAB page. Everything went swimmingly, I can see my cell phone, and have added a nice little Dummy widget in HABPanel, and it works great showing when I join and leave the home network… So far so good right???

So I decided I wanted the same thing in my BasicUI and set about to the “easy” task of adding a new item referencing the thing called people.items

String jjonline "JJ Droid" {channel="network:device:10_0_1_3:online"}


and my sitemap myhome.sitemap

sitemap myhome label=“My Home”

    Switch item=diningdimmer label="Dining Room"

    Text item=jjonline label ="JJ"



I have tried the item as a Switch, String, referencing it every way I can think of in code, from network:device:10_0_1_3:online to network_device_10_0_1_3_online to everything in between.  I have gone into the configuration page on the PaperUI and linked the Things Online Channel to my item, and tried every different way to reference that item in my sitemap, with out any luck at all.  


Please help a noob!  I love this system and want it to play nice with all my different ideas.  I know what I missed is probably super simple, and I apologize if this is repeated somewhere else, I have literally been working and reading these post for hours.


text item=jjonline label =“JJ %s”

Thanks for the reply, I modified myhome.sitemap and that did not seem to do the trick…I don’t care if it shows up as text, or a switch, or whatever in BasicUI, as long as it shows up. Thanks again for the post

The correct channel name can be found in PaperUI->Configuration->Things->Thing_Name->Channels

I don’t use the Network binding, but here is a generic example from another Thing:

Then, in your *.items file use this <channel_name> to link it:

Switch	MyDevice	label="Device [%s]"		{ channel="<channel_name>" }

(for the Network Binding, it should be something like: network:device:devicename:online)

In *.sitemap:

Default item=MyDevice

After cleaning my code to your graciously given specs, I was still banging my head against the wall. I tried isolating the code for the Network Binding in a Frame, and even the Frame didn’t show up. Thus I knew

something was a foot! I then noticed code I had “commented” out of my myhome.sitemap with double hashes “##”, I am a genius… This made all the code below that comment not be read, which was the code for the Network Binding I am working with. I removed the “comment” and the code works great now hahahaha he he he hmmmm, god I’m dumb…


Thanks for the replies, and I hope to contribute to this board, as I will be building my own components and using off the shelf stuff as well… It would be great to chronicle it all here.

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Sorry I missed the [ ] around the %s.