Make my Fritz!Dect 200 devices available through the HUE Service

Dear community,

I have invested now a full day into OpenHAB: The experience has been completely frustrating.

I have currently installed a 2.5 version of OpenHAB. Meaing: item files no longer work, at least this is what I have understood.

Can anyone explain how I can make available my Fritz!Dect 200 devices through the HUE emulation service, so that I can access them on a Logitech Harmony?

I found lots of wrong tutorials, not working software, missing features, and outdated or incomplete documentation.

Thanks for your help and kind regards,

Step 1: Disable the simple mode
Step 2: install the Fritz binding
Step3: Create your things and link then to your items (In an *.item file in the /items folder which you need to create yourself as per the docs)

Once you have done that and your items are working and showing updates etc… then we can do the HUE stuff
Once that’s working then we do the next step

And so on