Make my Sonoff Relay show up in Paper Control UI

After a long and epic struggle, I got a Xiaomi button, a Sonoff switch and my Garage Door to work together

I can use the Xiaomi button to trigger my Sonoff Switch, acting as an Inching relay, to trigger my Garage door opener to open or close my Garage Door.

So how do I make this show up in the Paper UI to trigger my Garage door?

The Item file

Switch GarageDoorRelay "Garage Door Relay" <switch> { mqtt=">[broker:tasmota/cmnd/garageDoorRelay/POWER:command:*:default], <[broker:tasmota/stat/garageDoorRelay/POWER:state:default]" }

The Rule

var Timer GARAGE_LIGHT_TIMER = null
rule "GarageButtonRule"
    Channel "mihome:sensor_switch:158d0002556e2e:button" triggered 

    var actionName = receivedEvent.getEvent()
    switch(actionName) {
        case "DOUBLE_PRESSED" : {
            GARAGE_LIGHT_TIMER = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(60)) [CarportLight.sendCommand(OFF)]
        case "SHORT_PRESSED" : {

You don’t. The Control tab in PaperUI only shows Channels from Things that have been linked to Items.

MQTT us a 1.x version binding. Therefore no Things and no Channels and no Links. This they never already in the Control tab of PaperUI.

PaperUI is intended for adminstration and configuration, not day-to-day use of your home automation. For that you should create a Sitemap and user BasicUI, or use HABPanel. In either option all Items regardless of what they may be bound to or linked to can be displayed and controlled in the way(s) you want.

Thank you.
Every time I consider making a Sitemap, I let out a sigh and realize that I need a snack.

I have the Homekit Bridge setup and adding it was straightforward. I added the “Switchable” tag

Switch GarageDoorRelay "Garage Door Relay" <switch> ["Switchable"] { mqtt=">[broker:tasmota/cmnd/garageDoorRelay/POWER:command:*:default], <[broker:tasmota/stat/garageDoorRelay/POWER:state:default]" }

It works well.

HABPanel is point and click to create and in a lot of people’s opinion looks a lot nicer.

I have not tried that.
Point and Click???
I thought it was only editing a text file by hand

Habpanel is completely built in the browser. Only BasicUI and ClassicUI require text based files.

However, be aware that the iOS and Android OH apps only work with the text based .sitemap files. If you plan on using those apps you will need to create text based configs for the UI.

Though HABPanel can be used on a phone’s browser as well.

Well then…
Homekit on my iPhone and iPad
HABPanel in a browser.
I have the best of all worlds, especially since the Apple Home App is not available in a browser

Here’s a step by step guide for setting up HABPanel if your interested.