Making a phone call with OpenHab?

I’m looking for a way to make a phone call with OpenHab so that I can locate my phone when I misplace it at home. I’m running OpenHab on a Pi2 and have Google Voice. Thinking I can use the exec binding to run a command to make a call. Any ideas? Thanks

It might be too much effort for the purpose, but Twilio is a good service and has a simple REST API you can use from openHAB, using the built-in HTTP actions or the HTTP binding.

Thanks for the reply @watou.

Twillio isn’t a free service right? If it was free, that’s not a bad solution. Thanks for the idea.

How about autoremote + tasker (via WIFI) to make the phone play a sound when OH sends a http command?

Thank you all. I actually found a really slick solution!

We’re an iPhone family and there’s a PHP FindMyiPhone script that can do this.

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Here is a guy that is using a similar thing tied to an Vizia 4 scene controller:

Someone shared that video on Reddit and that was the inspiration. I couldn’t get the php script referenced in the video working though.

Note, Alexa doesn’t like verbs so it wasn’t possible to use “Alexa, turn on find my iPhone” or “Alexa, turn on where is my iPhone”. I had to use the boring, “Alexa, turn on Kwees iPhone”. “Kwees” is phonic, “Qui’s”, my name. For the off function I’m locking the phone, which will be useful when my daughter is ignoring me or my wife when watching her iPad. :smile:


ifttt has a trigger for it, why not use that?

Check this out:

It is very nice and free! Simple to use. No account/registration is needed.
OpenHab can make Telegram phone calls (ring your phone) and read a notification (with TTS voice)