Making changes to bindings


I want to refactor some code in the insteonplm binding. I am just unsure if I should be making my branch off the master, or the 1.8 branch?

If I was to branch off 1.8 and the changes got merged in how does it get back to the master, so that it is accessible for openhab 2 installs as well?


You should develop against the master branch. The 1.8 branch will (generally!) not have new features added, and will only include significant bugfixes. If you develop against the master, then once your changes get merged, they will be available for use in the 1.9 binding which can be run on 1.8.

I’ve not looked to see if there’s an Insteon binding for OH2 yet, but if not, and the OH1 binding is still used, then the changes will also be usable there.

Thanks Chris.

So I did make the following PR,

Does the maintainer pull my branch, then do a mvn clean install? I did this, expecting this to create the binding jars, but I couldn’t find them.

Am I doing this incorrectly?