Managing time with Day Light Savings

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In situations where you have time configured as part of rule triggers, how does one manage time in rules with day light savings? The system accounts for the time change just fine, but the light level is different due to DST and so throws things off.

Be keen to know how people do this


I use lux sensors for determining when lights should turn on in active areas, so daylight savings does not come into play. I have a couple devices with lux sensors and a few that I have made for < $5/each. It is really neat to have the lights turn on when a storm rolls in!

Without sensors, you could use the Astro binding, which provides calculated solar radiation values. If you have a weather binding setup, you can then use the cloudiness to simulate a sensor. There are some posts about that.

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Thanks, but I like to use rules like 1hr before sunrise or 1hr after sunset and yes already using the Astro binding. But lux doesnt really help too much because these rules operate lights outside and theres no lux sensors outside

Sounds like a good excuse to spend more money on OH? :smiley:

Okay, what problem do you get about that with DLS ?

I can’t honestly remember if it messes up twice a year with the midnight calculations.

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Can you share how You made your own lux measuring devices?


I’ll get a tutorial together some day, but I mentioned them here…

Parts can be found here…

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