Managing User Interfaces With OH3

As always, I have spent a fair amount of time reading before posting (with some exceptions) and usually find the answer by the time I have typed out my question. I don’t think that will be the case here.

During the Pandemic, I’ve been trying to really get my HA environment going. I feel like I was just hitting my stride with OH2.5 when OH3.0 hit, and of course I always want to use the latest technologies.

In our house we currently have these modes of interfacing with the system:
No UI - with our environment doing what it should do without interaction (but not yet until I get scripts working right)
Alexa (in five rooms). She can be temperamental at times infuriating the natives.
HabPanel on a central iPad (visually pleasing but can be clunky) and not great on iOS devices.
iOS app using sitemaps - easy/fast on iPhone, quick to update/deploy but it seems I can’t optionally-publish maps (that are end-user-ready) to the phone and keep others back for testing…

And now all the 3.0 stuff which (I think) can handle the last three scenarios…but I’m still very slow at it which holds me back from the No UI concept…

Where should I invest my time?

I’ve run OH2 for a couple of years and I have it set up exactly how I want. Site map on phones, habpanel on wall mounted tablet. And Google assistant integration.
I recently started tinkering with OH3 and I can see how much nicer it is to use the Main UI no matter what device I’m on.
For items that I have rules or integrated with Google home, I’m using OH3 to link to OH2 items so I don’t have to re write my rules just yet.
For other items with bindings and simple controls such as my Xiaomi vacuum I’ve installed the binding and created new items for it in OH3
The way you can group things into Symantics is amazing. You don’t have to create a UI, it’s automatically done for you when you assign equipment, point and properties


Thanks - I put in the work and I’m a believer… I just want to be sure to do things the right way from the get-go so as to minimize rework.