Manual configuration of Things

I would like to store everything in files so I decided to have my .things file populated manually. For most cases I can do it using binding documentation but for some items I have problem. For instance I cannot manually add MI Motion Sensor in my file. Log file doesn’t have any exception but thing is not visible in PaperUI when I add it manually. When I add it by autodiscovery in PaperUI it is working fine.

I assume OH somehow stores device info in files so I would like to move this info to my .thing file so I will have more control. Any ideas?

Read the docs.
If using PaperUI, OH will store things in jsondb which is sort of human-readable, BUT to create things is not supported for each and every binding (and no, there is no list of supported ones), that’s why the docs state to go with PaperUI for all things.