Manual installed binding not on PaperUI

I copied the jar file directly to the addons folder, restarted OH2, and also checked with bundle:list -s in the console. (org.openhab.binding.wmr-1.9.0.jar)
It´s displayed as “active”, but I don´t see it on the PaperUI to retrieve channels, etc.
Restarted OH several times, also deactivated “access remote repositary”, it´s still not there.

I even see a logfile entry “connected to WMR HID device”…

How can I make it visible on PaperUI, please?


That’s a legacy (1.x) binding that is manually installed and it will not show up in PaperUI.

Legacy stuff require flat text files to configure the binding parameters as well as the Items

You will then need to create a sitemap to display your Items

Where did you find this one? Is there any documentation for it?

thanks for quick reply, Dim

I´ve used to use it in OH1 before. It´s a binding for the Oregon Scientific WMR weather station.

I found it on a german KNX forum, unfortunately there seems to be no activity since 2016, although the last poster says it should work on OH2

As I´m really new to OH2 I can´t get it work.

In OH1 items look like:
Number IndoorTemp “Temp. indoor: [%.1f °C]” { wmr=“id:temp.indoor.temperature” }

in OH2 it doesnt work this way, so I assume I have to get the “channel” first?

channel is for the newer 2.x bindings
your Item config looks good (uses the old style 1.x binding config)

In general:

  1. You need to be able to access the USB port that is connected to the Weather Station
  2. Usually there should be a $OPENHAB_CONF/services/wmr.cfg file to set some basic binding parameters (although this binding does not seem to make use of a cfg file)
  3. You need to play with the item configs. I am not sure what the id part of the {wmr = "id: temp.indoor.temperature"} is supposed to be…

I couldn’t find much explanations in that thread. You will need to play around with it to see if you can make it work.

What is the communications protocol of this Weather Station (which model do you have?)
Maybe you can use another binding to pull info from it.

you should ask @csowada to post his source code on github :slight_smile:
Maybe some other developer can pick up this binding and evolve it to a 2.x also

Thanks for your help, Dim!
I went sleeping and just retried again today.
It works fine!

simply created an item like this:

Number	IndoorTemp	"Innentemperatur: [%.1f °C]"	{ wmr="id:temp.indoor.temperature" }
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