Manual things configurations are failing


I’m actually facing some strange issues with manual things configurations, especially after upgrading to openhab 2.2 today.

Before upgrade I had troubles bringing up a zwave device - the bridge was (and is still) working well, but it was impossible to activate the thing itself. To be honest, as it only occured once, I refused to garther some logs.

Today I upgraded to openhab 2.2 using the debian update mechanism. Everything is running on a raspberry pi based on openhabian.
Since this point some manual configurations stopped working for some bindings. Affected are netatmo as well as nest.

Netatmo for example only reports “Initializing API Connection and scheduling token refresh every 5400s”. Nest, on the other hand, reports a lot including a successfull connection to the nest servers as well as discovery of all nest protects.
However, no nest protect will be configured although they have all been set in the .items configuration.
The funny thing: all items/things are shown in the paperui inbox. The netatmo gui part seems to configured everything in the same way I does via config files - nest loos a little bit different, but in my opinion the binding-documentation, which I followed, should tell the truth?!

Can anybody tell me what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong?


Ad: Same behavior is shown on a new installation of openhabian 1.4 with openhab 2.2.

Ad: some bindings have been changed from 2.1 to 2.2… so, that was the reason why Netatmo and Nest stopped working :-/