Manually add and configure Openhab 1.X binding

I’ve just installed the Openhab2 release and I’am trying to add some 1.X addons which are not in the legacy addon repository. (e.g. the Enigma2 addon)

I’ve copied the org.openhab.binding.enigma2-1.8.3.jar into /usr/share/openhab2/addons and created an enigma2.cfg in /etc/openhab2/services with the following content:

The items file I’ve copied from Openhab1 without any modifications. When starting openhab I can only see those two logs from the addon:

2017-01-26 09:26:34.578 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - Enigma2 Refresh Service has been started
2017-01-26 09:26:34.582 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - Enigma2 Refresh Service has been shut down

I also checked the karaf console if the binding is listed as feature there, but it was not. (command feature:list) Did I forget something or what could be the problem here?

You need to enable the OH 1 compatibility layer.

Once you get it working, post an issue on github or a new thread here saying it works and it will be added to the distro.

Compatibility was already enabled. I guess the problem is that the addon was not compiled using the Openhab2 addon repository. I will try this if I get compilation running again.

The problem might be that 1.8.3 versions of 1.x addons generally don’t work under OH2. This nightly build version may or may not work under OH2, but I suspect it might because I made an effort to make it compatible here.

Question: where is the documentation for this binding? I can’t find a wiki page for it.

There is no documentation for the enigma2 binding. I’am considering to switch to simple http binding items because the developer does not seam to maintain this binding anymore.

But I have to get my own binding to work. At the moment it seams to start, I can also send commands but I cannot use the MAP transformation service for some reason. (The service not set using setTransformationService) I’ am now trying to build the binding in the OH2 context. Maybe you see another reason why this isn’t working?

You can find my code here:

I was able to solve the problem with my binding. I now get the TransformationService using the TransformationHelper. That seams to work fine under OH2.