Manually changed port gone on upgrade

Hello, I lost my changed port settings in /etc/default/openhab…

Was easy to reconfigure it but maybe in the next update it could be improved?

Otherwise nice work :slight_smile: keep on going :slight_smile:

AFAIK that’s a system file so you should not change it (or at least not expect it to remain untouched).
Open a feature request with openhab-linuxpkg.

No, this is a configuration file and /etc/default/openhab would be the right place to change the port.

If apt was used, then it should have asked the user if the file can be changed. But I don’t see what would have triggered this, the file hasn’t changed.

I am on openhabian and updated via openabian-config. There was no question asked

Possibly this ?

I don’t fully recall why we ended up using --force-confnew but I remember it was important to ensure upgrades work in a number of situations so I won’t want to remove that