Manufacturer reference missing for zw129

I have a Aeotec ZW129-B
The dual wallmote

The file ESH-INF/thing/aeon_zw129_0_0.xml
Seems to correctly define it, except that it only has the reference for one localisation.

I modified it as such

Compiled and replaced the .jar file, but it is still not recognised.

Any pointers on what I missed?

It is 0086:0202:0081:1.8

There’s a few other minor database issues with some devices I have which I will fix and when working provide pull requests.

Sorry about the simple question, only a few hours of openhab/zwave experience… Lot to learn!

The database for that device has been updated recently, so if you are on a wrong (or self compiled) binding version you may have problems.

The current 2.2 snapshot is here:$org.openhab.binding.zwave/
The 2.1 development version of the binding is here:OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY
The 2.2 development version of the binding is here: OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

The version in git, updated 3 days ago, is the version with the missing references.

The site also mentions only the single reference id.
Look at my commit, you will see what is missing.

I’ve updated the database with the extra references. I’ll likely do an export later today so it should be in tomorrows snapshot.

Thanks Chris.

What’s the preferred way of submitting database changes to you in the future?

Also any pointer as to what I was doing wrong?
Installation of snapshot release via apt-get and compilation of zbus binding via maven, source from git repository.

I copied the compiled jar to every location I could find it (find / -name “zbus” or similar was used to find locations, and restated openhab.

I assume I missed something simple?

The best thing is to register on the database site, and let me know so I can update your access so you can edit the data directly.

You mean zwave, right? :confused:

Manual installation of bindings can be a problem as Karaf can cache old versions. However in general you should be able to uninstall the running binding (in PaperUI) then put the manual binding into the addons. The only issue is you need to manage dependencies such as the serial library which also need to be installed.

Yep, zwave, my bad.

You were spot on about the cache!
Discovered and … Doing stuff, and I’ll sort out the other issues now I can test!

I’ll register on your site.

Thanks Chris!