Map tranformations fiight with selection mappings?

Fairly new here to OpenHab running latest beta5 of OpenHab 2.

I am noticing some oddness when I am using a Selection that contains a mapping at the same time the item contains Map style transformation. This is for controlling an HLC scene switch on an OmniPro.
My sitemap looks like this:

Selection item=Lights_Kitchen_String label="Scene" icon="kitchen" mappings=['On'=On, 'Off'=Off, "Scene A"=Cook, "Scene B"=Clean, "Scene C"=Eat, "Scene D"=Island]

This works, but when it displays the scene on the UI it doesn’t used the mapped value. In other words, it displays ‘Scene A’ and I want it to display ‘Cook’. It appears the way to handle that is with mapping transformation in the items file.
I have the following map file:

Scene\ A=Cook
Scene\ B=Clean
Scene\ C=Eat
Scene\ D=Island

My items file looks like this:

String  Lights_Kitchen_String  "Kitchen [MAP(]"  (Lights_Kitchen)        {omnilink="unit:25"}

The transformation seems to work, but it seems to fight it. No matter what I pick, my selection will momentarily show up in the UI and then disappear and be replaced by ‘On’. Which kicks off the link for On. If I don’t have the map transformation in place, the selection sticks.

Am I approaching this incorrectly or how does one accomplish this?

You are overriding your Item label when you use the label parameter in the sitemap. And the label defined on the sitemap doesn’t have the [MAP(kitchen,map):%s]

I assume that is left over from testing based on your description. But I would either eliminate the label parameter on the sitemap or make it identical to the Item’s label. I can’t really explain the behavior you are seeing. Are you certain you do not have a Rule that is setting it back to “On” somehow?

Since you are using a String to represent this state, have you considered using “Cook” for the state instead of “Scene A”, therefore eliminating the need to do the transform in the first place?

Hi Rich -
Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.

What I was missing was that I could do the map transformation in the stiemap itself! Moving that into the sitemap fixed the issue I was seeing.

I need to use ‘scene a’ as the state because that is what the driver needs to send to the automation panel.