Map Transformation not working?

I’m trying to troubleshoot my door lock, thus have set up a basic Test Switch to confirm the status of a switch being ON or OFF. ON should report as UnLocked and OFF as Locked.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Map Transformation, as well as then stopped and restarted OH2. On a reboot, should I see in the logs anything saying the Map Transformation started?

So I have a two items as"

/* Test Items */
Switch TestSwitch
Switch TestStatus           		"TestSwitch status [MAP(]" <lock> 			(Door) 	

And I have a file of


My events.log shows the switch being turne On and Off. But I see nothing in the openhab log regarding an error, and the Status always stays as Undefined?

After a 2nd reboot, the test switch reported the correct lock and unlock state. Strange I need to reboot a 2nd time.