MAPdb and OH 2.4

Running openhabian 2.4 release on Raspberery Pi

Before I updated to 2.4 release I had mapdb set up to persist all:

Strategies {
    default = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

Items {
    * : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

I just noticed that one item, a number, defined in the ui does get persisted and restored.

But, other items, string items defined in a .items file, are no being restored.

Is there a way to look in the db to see if they are being persisted?

Or, is the mapdb configuration wrong and not including items from .items file?

Are these items in a group?

The mapdb looks good. Did you stop OH and do a reboot after upgrading? When I upgraded I needed to restart and reboot OH for everything to start working properly.

it’s been rebooted plenty since upgrade.

I looked at the actual db file with scite and the names of the value/s in question are there and the file was last updated a few minutes ago.

In habpanel, the value not persisted comes up as NaNF. That might be a clue…but, not to me.

Different issues…I did note that I just did a stopfrom the terminal to do a backup:

 sudo openhab-cli stop

And it started back up without a start from me. I probably don’t understand what the openhab-cli stop is doing… :roll_eyes:

To backup you only need to use sudo openhab-cli backup no stop needed. Note that if restoring from the backup you will need to stop OH then use **sudo openhab-cli restore /var/lib/openhab2/backups (or whatever path to the backup file). If your wanting to stop OH use sudo systemctl stop openhab2 and sudo systemctl start openhab2 for starting.

Maybe try cleaning the cache to see if that helps.

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2

:thinking: so what have I been doing with?:

sudo openhab-cli stop

Not sure, never use that command but I would guess your stopping the console?