Mapping-items visible in one row

i have some items in my sitemap, which show mapped values:

Switch item=Licht mappings=[OFF="alles aus"]

Here i get a button on the right side with the text “alles aus”.

Selection visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioMode mappings=[0="Internet Radio", 1="Spotify", 3="Media Player", 4="DAB", 5="FM Radio", 6="AUX IN"]
(item: Number RadioMode “Radio Mode” (gRadio) { frontiersiliconradio=“radio-kueche:MODE” } )

Here i don´t get a button on the right side, only a small arrow to click on it. On click i come to another page with all my selectable values.

But how can i make the selection icon, to get all values on the first page like on the example above? Is there any possibility to do that?

Could you use Switch in your sitemap instead of Selection?

Just to make the post from @watou clearer. The description of what you want is at the “Selection” link…