Mapping of Rollershutter UP DOWN

Hello ,

I have implemeted my rollershutter with two taster one for UP one for DOWN and a Group Addr. for Position.

With this the default doesn’t work :frowning: Because it send to 0/0/2 an ON and for DOWN a OFF to 0/0/1 and openhab doesn’t read the position from /0/0/3 .

Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Southside_3 “Shutter” (All) { knx=“0/0/2, 0/0/1, 0/0/3” }

any idea how can fix it ?

If not I can switch my knx settings to a blind with up & down , but there I have the issue that cancel not work. Because the STOP can’t be intepreted it muss be DOWN or UP.