Mapping TRKey and HM-LC-Sw1-Pl


I want to switch on/off a lamp (connected via HM-LC-Sw1-Pl) with the HM-RC-Key3-B.
In paperui I have the items “TRKey_1_PressShort” and “Lamp”.

How can I map it so, that the lamp gen of/off when I press key1 short?



A rule.


I hoped, there where a GUI for such “simple” things.


Oh man,

sorry! a german saying says “Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen” (Can’t see the wood because of too many trees)
I found the rule editor in PaperUI.


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Hi Midyr,
did you manage to get the remote to work?
I am very interested to get these to work.
My problem is, that I can see that the CCU2 is getting an update of the remote but openhab isn’t.
they are listed an on line device in OH2 but the logging doesn’t receive any updates or triggers.

Maybe you can give me a hint.
Gerne auch in Deutsch :slight_smile:

Thx SaWo


does no one have a hint for me?
I am not able to get these remotes HM-RC-Key3-B to work in OH2.
The CCU can see any update but OH2 doesn`t, no entries in the log files, except the battery status.
They are created as an Item in paperUI; when I delete them in OH they will reappear as a new device in the inbox, but still not working.