Mappings in label

Good afternoon, everyone!
My item has mappings. How do I make the mappings values appear in the lable?

There’s not a lot here for anyone to work with. What mappings? What label? What UI are you even using? What version of OH are you using? Every one of these questions has an impact on the answer. Before we can help you, you have to help us understand the full context of the question.

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I read the instructions but I didn’t find my situation there.

  1. Use OpenHAB 4
  2. Use Sitemap page

I have created a group that should display the item status of this group. But item has mappings applied and adding [%s] to the group label displays the true values.

I use a translator

You can use a map transformation in the label of an item as well:

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Thank you, it became clearer and everything worked out.