Margin between items on main dashboard screen?

On the config page for individual dashboards, there is the advanced option (Margin between widgets) that allows the spacing between items to be adjusted.

But, is the same thing possible on the page that lists the dashboards?


Not as easily, there’s no option but perhaps you can achieve the same with custom CSS.

Yeah, I looked into that a bit first. It seems like it is buried in the Gridster code, and then the positions are calculated and applied directly to the items as hard coordinates and height/widths.

So, it kinda seems like it would require js to get the gridster object and override the widget_margins, ex:

angular.module(‘yourApp’).run([‘gridsterConfig’, function(gridsterConfig) {
gridsterConfig.margins = [10, 10];

Also, related to this, an option for those items to have a ‘Stack widgets when screen width is below breakpoint’ would be nice, as well. It seems like it would have to be implemented similarly to the spacing, though.

But, thanks for getting back to me!