[MARKETING] Help people organizing events

In my role as an ambassador organizing events i need some help from … (whom?). The typical questions event organizers have to answer:

  • a logo
  • a short description
  • a long description

Later on in my role i have to organize:

  • what is on the stand/booth?
  • which demo set is practicable for all attendess?
  • where to get swag and marketing material?
  • how to get help from other ambassadors?
  • how to spread the word?

In an ideal world there is a FAQ/landing page and help from (maybe) the foundation :slight_smile:
But hey: we are strong openHAB community. Let’s find answers (and later on find the right place to put all the good ideas)

Some possible answers:

  • Logo: Default svg, png (and transparent) to download (not to put in a local graphic / layout tool)
  • Short and long description: wow thats interesting :slight_smile:
  • What is on the stand/booth: so many different opinions.
  • Demo setup: IMHO: If there is a demo setup, let’s use openHABian. I attended events, some people uses their own hand crafted openHAB setup. AND it was completly different from mine. Not easy to show visitors completly “strange” installations :slight_smile:
  • Swag & material: as far as i know we have two storages in germany. One nearby Kai (Darmstadt) and one in my place (Berlin). There are rollups, stickers and membership forms. There is no formal process to order the things.
  • Help from ambassadors: IMHO one of the biggest issues. Not easy to find help. Any idea?
  • Spread the word: twitter is our friend. In our forum it’s not so easy to address an event over a long period. Any ideas?

If you’re interested in marketing thingis, join this thread and find a solution to address people outside this forum and give as much help to ambassadors who want to organize an event whereever they are.