Marketplace Addons and other features uninstalled on nightly updates

Hi There,

i am not sure if this behavior is a feature or a bug. As writen in the headline i have two topics.

1.) I use the 3rd Party Bluetooth bindings from the marketplace. Everytime i update oh with the latest nightly i have to reinstall the bindings. The non marketplace binding stay installed. Is that a behaviour that is intended? And if not how to change it?

2.) To bring a Bluetooth adapter to life i have to install on the karaf console the serial-transport with the following command

feature:install openhab-transport-serial

I assume that this is a bug that it is not automatically installed based on the binding that it uses it, but even that install has to be redone every update of oh nightly. Same question as above.


Yes, unfortunately:

I’m seeing this too (for zwave), it was fixed for a couple of weeks in the snapshot, now the problem is back. There was a post or github issue for this, but can’t find it anymore.

I guess you wanted to reply here: Homematic QuantityType in M6 build problem ?